Recently, Dr. Dunn and I financed the construction of several facilities with TMA Medical Banking, a division of INSBANK, and have been thrilled with the experience. They’re a local bank with access to decision-makers who understand our business. Rather than a cookie-cutter offering, they provided us customized terms that fit our needs, sound business advice, and vendor recommendations. They went far beyond the loan process by networking us with others that share similar business passions. No other bank offers this level of service in addition to financially supporting the Tennessee Medical Association. We recommend them without reservation.

Dr. Rowbatham
Nephrologist, Nephrology Associates.

By far, the top reason I recommend INSBANK to other Tennessee physicians is their customer-oriented service. Getting a loan can sometimes cause a lot of headaches, but INSBANK made it easy. Not only did they coordinate the entire process to make sure everything was done properly, but also they provided a tailor-made experience suited for my needs. They understood my time was limited so they came out and met with me personally at my office and were always willing to quickly look into any issues. I was able to communicate with them in through any channel and I knew I could get a hold of them at any time. If you want to work with a bank or financial lender who cares about you just as much as you care about your patients, I would highly recommend INSBANK.

Dr. Peyton
Oncologist, Tennessee Oncology

Choosing to work with TMA Medical Banking was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for the growth and future of my practice. When I first decided to expand my medical office space and increase the inventory of equipment, I knew it would be important to find a commercial financing service that knew the medical landscape, but valued personal relationships.TMA Medical Banking exceeded all of my expectations. Their team walked me through the entire process completely and thoroughly, making sure I knew all of my options along the way. While I wasn’t their only client, it always felt as if I were. In every meeting or decision, they always approached the situation with a “What can we do to help?” attitude. Expanding your practice can be a headache for some doctors, but with TMA Medical Banking it was simple. I was able to focus 100% on serving my patients because I knew they were focused 100% on serving me.

Dr. Matthews
General Surgeon, Wilson Surgical Associates

INSBANK has been an important partner to me as I have grown my practice over the past decade.  What I have appreciated about this bank is that they understand and embrace my vision for the future of my practice.  Their belief in me and what I am doing are all reasons that I have been able to accomplish much of what we have done.  They have provided needed capital for medical equipment, clinic expansion, land acquisition and also, of great benefit to me, they have provided financial guidance.  We started with three employees and me as the sole practitioner.  The healthcare world is a different place today, but we are surviving and growing because of trusted advisors and partners like INSBANK.  Today we have over 80 employees, five physicians and six mid-level practitioners.  INSBANK has been a critical component of that success.

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Dr. Le
Center for Spine, Joint and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation